Wet working

OMG, you lot are such a bad influence! 😀

So I’m working from home today, something my boss is quite happy for us to do from time to time, because the office is quite small and if any of us are working on something we can do at home, it gives everyone else a bit of room to stretch out! So I started the day full of good intentions, had an extra half hour in bed because I didn’t need to commute in to work, but was up, dressed and in front of the computer by 8.30 ready to start work. Hmm, thinks I, maybe I’ll just log in to UMD and check my messages before I get started.

Before I know where I am it’s after 10am and I’ve read and replied to loads of stimulating and thought provoking messages, but done no work whatsoever! Just as I’m making my excuses on the way out of the virtual door back to real life, someone in my messages pipes up:

“If you’re at home, why aren’t you lying in the bath fully clothed?”

As if I’m constantly soaking my clothes every single time I get the opportunity… ahem… 😉 But today I’m adamant, I’m not going to get wet, I’ve too much work to do.

By lunchtime I’m congratulating myself on having a productive morning, after a slow start. Then I realise I need to talk to one of my colleagues about a piece of work. No problem, I’ll give Adam a call after lunch. I like Adam, we get on really well, in fact if I’m honest I may just have the teeniest bit of a crush on him… Actually, when I said there were a couple of people in the office who I hoped would react favourably to seeing me in the bath in my office wear, he’s the main person I was thinking of. Oh yes, the blog, and the bath, and the UMD… I’ve genuinely been too busy to think about any of that for hours, but now it’s back in my head and a thought is racing towards me. I couldn’t possibly admit my fetish to him or come up with any reason to be all wet in my clothes in his presence, but… here comes the thought, and it’s about to hit me head on like an express train. If I’m on the phone to him, he can’t see me, so I could be soaking wet and he would never know.

The idea hits me so hard I’m actually shaking. This is the craziest thing I’ve ever done, and that’s up against some pretty stiff competition. And yet, in that instant I know I have to do it. He’ll be back from lunch in ten minutes, what do I do? No time for relaxing in a nice warm bath, in an instant I’m off my chair and firing up the shower. Before the sensible part of my brain tells me this is a ridiculous thing to do, the water’s up to temperature and I’m stepping under the flow, letting it soak through my navy blue T-shirt, plastering it to my body. No time to luxuriate in the feeling though, I’m on a mission! The water starts to soak through the thick black denim of my jeans; I help it along by taking the shower head down and aiming it at my legs, front and back, and my bum, until I’m soaked right through to my underwear. My socks don’t need any help, having soaked up the plenty of water already, but I give them a quick going over just to be sure. I move the shower head back up my body. I don’t bother to get my hair wet, that’s not important, but I make sure the water covers every bit of my clothes – all down my front, down the back, around the sides, I don’t want a single dry patch anywhere. I have to be utterly drenched!

I turn the water off and put the shower head back in its holder. Squeezing out the excess water I step out of the shower and wrap myself in a towel. I’m still shaky, my mouth is dry – water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink! I grab a glass of water and make my way back to my desk, hoping my soaked clothing doesn’t drip onto my computer or paperwork. Gulping down some water, I pick up my phone and call Adam.

The call lasts about ten minutes, we exchange pleasantries and discuss the ins and outs of a particular piece of work, while all the time I’m sitting here soaked the to the skin, incredibly turned on, and he has no idea. About halfway through the call I suddenly realise that I’ve just showered fully clothed on the spur of the moment and start to worry that my brain will start doing other things without thinking of the consequences, like blurting out that I’m all wet or initiating a video call. Imagine his reaction if I suddenly FaceTimed him and he saw me in my soaked state! Luckily I manage to hold it together and get through the call in a professional manner, before hanging up and heading straight back to the shower to fantasise about Adam joining me there for an important meeting… 😎

So there you go, that’s been my day so far… now, if you’ll excuse me, I’d better get back to work!

Hannah x

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