Testing the Water: my first wet experiences

Since I stuck my head (complete with running make-up and plastered down hair) above the parapet a couple of weeks ago I’ve had conversations with lots of interesting people (and a couple of dullards, ha ha) about the wetlook fetish and our varying experiences. It surprised me to discover that a significant number of us have very similar stories to tell about how we discovered the joy of wet clothes, and that many of us knew from a very young age – even before we knew anything about sex – that there was something special going on. I’ve also spent a lot of time answering the same questions from dozens of different people, so instead of repeating myself ad infinitum in private messages, I decided it would be better to write properly detailed accounts of my wet experiences. With that in mind, here’s part one of “How Hannah Discovered She Was A Weirdo Who Enjoyed Getting Her Clothes All Soaking Wet”. Catchy title, don’t you think?

There was no great epiphany, no moment at which I felt I had gone from being “normal” to being a wet clothing enthusiast; it’s always been there, like it’s imprinted in my DNA. Ever since I was a little girl, for as far back as my memories go, I was fascinated by seeing people on TV getting their clothes wet. The earliest example I can remember was a Sunday morning show on which young people would do consumer tests on various products. This particular morning, four teenage girls had been tasked with comparing different brands of bubble bath. I hadn’t been paying much attention until now, the programme was aimed at older kids and most of it was a bit over my head, but suddenly I was glued to the screen as it became clear that the best way for the girls to test the product was for each of them to be introduced to a bathtub which had been filled with water and their designated brand of bubble bath. And then for them to get in it. Fully clothed.

I only saw it that one time, but it’s stuck in my memory ever since. (If anyone has a recording of it or knows where it’s available online, please let me know!) There was one girl in a white T-shirt, skirt (or possibly shorts) and plimsolls; another in a black T-shirt, shorts and trainers; yet another in a blue T-shirt, leggings and jelly shoes. Each of them in their respective tubs, splashing around, trying to form as many bubbles as they could from their given product. I only saw it that once, but it stuck in my mind and over the next few days, weeks, years, I replayed it in my mind, asking all sorts of questions. Did they know they were going to have to get their clothes wet? How did they react when they were told? Did they have a change of clothes with them? Did they enjoy bathing fully clothed, or had they been forced into it? What did being in the bath with all your clothes on feel like? Could I try it for myself? (more…)

Wet working

OMG, you lot are such a bad influence! 😀

So I’m working from home today, something my boss is quite happy for us to do from time to time, because the office is quite small and if any of us are working on something we can do at home, it gives everyone else a bit of room to stretch out! So I started the day full of good intentions, had an extra half hour in bed because I didn’t need to commute in to work, but was up, dressed and in front of the computer by 8.30 ready to start work. Hmm, thinks I, maybe I’ll just log in to UMD and check my messages before I get started.

Before I know where I am it’s after 10am and I’ve read and replied to loads of stimulating and thought provoking messages, but done no work whatsoever! Just as I’m making my excuses on the way out of the virtual door back to real life, someone in my messages pipes up:

“If you’re at home, why aren’t you lying in the bath fully clothed?”

As if I’m constantly soaking my clothes every single time I get the opportunity… ahem… 😉 But today I’m adamant, I’m not going to get wet, I’ve too much work to do.

By lunchtime I’m congratulating myself on having a productive morning, after a slow start. Then I realise I need to talk to one of my colleagues about a piece of work. No problem, I’ll give Adam a call after lunch. I like Adam, we get on really well, in fact if I’m honest I may just have the teeniest bit of a crush on him… Actually, when I said there were a couple of people in the office who I hoped would react favourably to seeing me in the bath in my office wear, he’s the main person I was thinking of. Oh yes, the blog, and the bath, and the UMD… I’ve genuinely been too busy to think about any of that for hours, but now it’s back in my head and a thought is racing towards me. I couldn’t possibly admit my fetish to him or come up with any reason to be all wet in my clothes in his presence, but… here comes the thought, and it’s about to hit me head on like an express train. If I’m on the phone to him, he can’t see me, so I could be soaking wet and he would never know. (more…)

Thank you!

Wow, I can’t believe how popular my little blog has become! From somewhere around 20-30 hits per day in the first few days, exposure on the front page of UMD has sent it to 500 hits today! I feel semi-famous, yet I can’t tell anyone about it. What a weird situation. 😉 Anyway, as you might expect I’m now snowed under with messages and friend requests on UMD, so if I don’t get back to you immediately, please bear with me! There are only so many hours in the day and as soon as I log in to check my messages, I get bumped back to the top of the “Who’s online” page and so more people see me and message me… and I still have to find time to write more blog entries!

So this is just a quick update to say thanks for your support and all the lovely messages. I have lots of ideas for future posts, including a series about my introduction to wetlook and the various experiences I’ve had over the years. My initial idea was to write my story in chronological order, but I realised that would mean sitting down and making a list of everything that’s ever happened, so I’ll probably mix things up a bit. Don’t go away, I’ve got lots more stories to tell!

Hannah x

UMD and bath night

I know it’s taken me a while to write this up, sorry about that! But I hope you think it’s worth the wait! 😉 And I see my stats have gone through the roof this morning so I guess UMD has finally approved the blog – hi to all my new readers, hope you enjoy this!

As I said in my last post, Wednesday was a slow day at work and I found myself continually distracted by my new friends on UMD – I’ve been a lurker there for a long, long time but always resisted signing up and interacting with people, for fear that I would be pounced upon by loads of horny guys. That sounds really conceited, doesn’t it? What I mean is, the impression I’ve gained from observing the online wetlook community over the years is that loads of guys are into it, but hardly any girls; and amongst the women who do enjoy getting wet and messy, there seems to be a far greater preference for the messy side of things. Personally, mess doesn’t do anything for me, but then I’m not keen on the idea of ruining my clothes – most items can stand up to a soaking but not necessarily getting covered in goop! So when I did take the plunge and sign up to UMD I did get a fair bit of immediate attention, but I’m happy to report that the vast majority of it has been positive, interesting and enjoyable, with only one or two blokes attempting to hit on me and asking if I’d meet with them, based solely on one photo of my arse… Anyway! I’m getting away from the point. 😀

So, I was distracted by UMD and in particular a photo set of one of my new friends in the shower in her business suit. I knew right there and then that as soon as I got home I was going to have to get wet in the clothes I was wearing in the office. This was about 3:30, so I had an hour and half to sit around in the office until I could reasonably leave. It felt like the slowest ninety minutes of my life, and even after that I had a half hour bus journey to deal with before I got home. These days the urge to get wet doesn’t sieze me as often as it used to, but when it does, like this time, it completely takes over. A couple of times I caught myself staring at my fellow bus passengers and imagining them getting all wet in their smart suits, their tight jeans, their… God, could this bus go any slower?

By the time I finally got home I’d had plenty of time to sketch out in my head exactly what I was going to do. Making sure the front door was locked behind me – I didn’t want any unexpected visitors to spoil the moment, I’ve fallen for that one before – I marched straight into the bathroom and started filling the tub with hot water. As you’ve probably gathered, my bath is very important to me, so I have a big corner tub with a little seat indented into it in the corner where it meets the wall. While the water ran I went back to hang up my bag and coat – if, somehow, the bath had already been full I’d probably have just plunged straight in with my coat on too, but I needed it for the next day and I wasn’t sure it would be dry in time. I’d made up my mind that was all I was taking off though – the weather was turning colder and I’d already decided to wear boots tomorrow, so the shoes I had on today could take a soaking and have time to dry out before I needed them again. They were staying on, along with my black trousers, white blouse with black polka-dots and, as I was still a bit chilly, I decided I’d keep my black cardigan on too.

I paused to stroke the cat (not a euphemism!) and make a cup of tea and by the time I got back to the bathroom the tub was pretty full. The water was a little bit hotter than I would have liked, but I wasn’t in the mood to wait while I drained off some of the hot water and topped it up with cold. I’d waited long enough already! In fact I was slightly taken aback at just how much my heart was pounding as I lifted my left leg over the side of the tub and into the water. (more…)


Not much happening in the office today so I sneakily logged in to UMD (on my phone, not on my office PC, I’m not crazy!) and now I can’t think about doing anything but going home and getting in a lovely warm bath wearing all the clothes I’ve got on right now – a white blouse with black polka dots, black trousers, white undies, I might even keep my shoes on! I don’t do that very often because they’re a pain to get dry, but that’s how I’m feeling right now. Thanks a lot, new UMD friends!

Only problem is I can’t leave the office for another hour and a half! Come on, time!

Hi, I’m Hannah.

Hi, I’m Hannah. I’m 27, I live in north-east England, I’m pretty average looking I guess. Yeah, nothing special about me at all. Except this: I absolutely love to get wet with my clothes on.

You heard me. I will happily fill the bathtub with lovely warm water and climb in, still wearing all my clothes. Whatever I’m wearing when the mood takes me – T-shirt and jeans, my office clothes, pyjamas, a nice dress, whatever – I like nothing better than to deliberately soak it all. I get such a rush of excitement knowing I’m doing something that’s seen as “wrong”, even though it’s completely harmless – the worst that could happen is that the colour runs or something might shrink, but over the years I’ve soaked pretty much everything in my wardrobe and that hardly ever happens.

I get a thrill from breaking this little social taboo, and of course I love the way the clothes float around me in the water and cling to the parts of my body that are above the surface, And yes, it turns me on. The way light coloured fabric goes see-through, the way everything wraps itself to me, like I’m showing off my body while still fully clothed, like I’m somehow exposed without taking my clothes off.

Not that anyone really knows about this, of course, apart from a few extremely close and trustworthy friends. In fact for many years I thought I was the only person in the world who like to deliberately soak their clothes, until I discovered the thriving online “wetlook” community. Which is great, even if the vast majority of people who hang around the wet clothing forums are male. It’s very rare to encounter another woman who soaks her clothes for fun. Maybe there really aren’t very many of us, or maybe they’re a bit intimidated by the number of braying menfolk who descend on them whenever one does raise her head above the parapet. So that’s why I started this blog, to talk about my experiences in the hope that other women like me don’t feel alone.

With that in mind, let me just make it clear that there will be no pictures on this site. It’s not that I don’t trust you with them, but I really value my privacy – as I said, only a handful of very close friends know my little secret and I’d like to keep it that way. The last thing I need is a photo of me fully clothed in the bath suddenly appearing on the office noticeboard. Anyway, I hope my words will be enough to stimulate your imaginations and I don’t want to disappoint you with a photo that proves I don’t look anything like your fantasy Hannah does!

If you’d like to talk to me, feel free to comment on any of my posts or seek me out on UMD – I try to reply to everyone, but please don’t be offended if it takes a while!

Hope you enjoy my blog.

Hannah x